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The Radon Council is the independent non-profit making regulatory body for the UK radon industry. It was registered in 1991 and its formation was welcomed in the House of Commons sixth report of the Environmental Committee on Indoor Pollution. This report recommended the formation of such a body in order to regulate the emerging radon industry. As the Chairman of the report Sir Hugh Rossi commented in the first edition of the Radon Manual, “the Council has continued to educate the public on the harmful nature of naturally occurring radon gas”.

It is important to state that the radon Council is an independent non-profit making self-regulatory body and not a trade association.

The Council publishes a considerable amount of practical information as well as a free list of contractors, suppliers and consultants offering advice and services involving remedial work for radon gas. All organisations appearing on the list have signed an undertaking to adhere to our code of conduct and practice and where relevant have demonstrated their competence by successfully completing a comprehensive Radon Council training programme. These are listed on the Find a contractor page.

The Council welcomes communication either by e-mail ( or letter concerning praise, comments and/or complaints about work carried out by a company on the list. In the event of a detailed written complaint by a consumer, the Council may ask its disciplinary group to investigate and report back conclusions and recommendations to the Council.

Consumers should note that other lists issued by other organisations may include companies which do not have a written legal contract with the Radon Council. The Council will not deal with any complaint about any companies on non Radon Council lists.

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