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The Health & Safety Executive acknowledges that approximately 2000 people in the UK die from lung cancer linked to radon exposure each year.

It is a clear odourless radioactive gas that escapes naturally from the rock beneath the earth's surface. In some regions the concentration is worse than others but, like all forms of ionising radiation, can be deadly. This really is a case of the natural environment destroying us and not the reverse. Few people seem to be aware of the danger. Although geological maps provide some guide to the more risky areas of the UK, because of the nature of the gas high levels of radon can occur in many other parts of the UK.

HSE recognises the risk

What is Radon?

Where can I get help on detection or remedial work?

The Radon Council' s full List of Contractors, Suppliers and Consultants offering Advice and Services Involving Remedial Work for Radon Gas can be found on this website. You can telephone or write to any of the firms under the appropriate sub-heading for a detection service and/or remedial work. National as distinct from local firms may be willing to telephone you back with advice to reduce call charges.

Please note that the firms appearing on the List are approved by the Council and entitled to refer only to that fact on company stationery or publicity material. Such companies are not entitled to claim that they have been "certified" for their work or otherwise endorsed. You are advised to make sure that any list is current. If in doubt please check with the Council.

The Council will be grateful to receive any complaints consumers feel they may have concerning any companies or individuals. The list is published annually and an out-of-date list is unreliable and should not be used. The Council has a professionally staffed Disciplinary Group, including legal advisers, to investigate complaints.

Any consultant, supplier or radon service provider may apply to be added to the list. In order to be included on the list the individual or director must sign a written undertaking to:-

(a) abide by the Radon Council's Code of Practice,

(b) follow the guidelines laid down in Part 1 of the current Radon Manual produced by the Council,

(c) observe all appropriate legislation and official advice for any work undertaken, and,

(d) within a given time have at least one employee holding the Council's numbered Certificate following successful completion of its training course and written examination.

The Council also ensures that the company has a permanent registered address, fixed (not mobile) telephone number, indemnity insurance and other information the Council may require. It is felt that this formal written contract with each company provides some protection against sub-standard work.

The Council’s list was originally prepared from separate lists previously issued by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and BRE Limited as well as its own sources. You should be careful about using any other lists not ensuring such safeguards from the companies concerned, or, not ensuring commercial confidentiality under the Data Protection Act.

Composite lists issued by other organisations may not operate such a service and cannot be endorsed by the Council.

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