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Glencoe Radon Gas Centre Limited

Glencoe Radon Gas Centre Ltd GRGC was founded in 1992 by Director Philip Hancock from Weston-super-Mare in the South West of England. Philip began his own public awareness campaign on the risk from radon, concentrating his efforts in Cornwall and Northamptonshire. After a period of 22 months he had gathered a team of consultants and a radon protection advisor.

Philip also provided presentation seminars to the National Radiological Protection Board (now UK Health Security Agency), the Building Research Establishment (BRE), Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in addition to local and county councils. Philip opened the UK’s first radon shop in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, offering advice and selling products to the public in 1993. Philip designed and obtained a patent on the locally manufactured Glencoe-Radvac® Radon Sump  in 1995 and a European patent in 1996.

Glencoe Radon Gas Centre Ltd was the first radon centre in the UK and was opened in November 1992. In 1995 the Radvac radon extraction system won The Environment and Power Award at the NEC in Birmingham.

Television and radio stations have recorded our seminars and shown remedial systems being installed into homes and workplaces many times over the years. We introduced the first commercial Radon Extraction Kit (including DIY) and have results and laudatory letters from satisfied clients across the UK.

We install our Glencoe-Radvac® Extraction Systems to domestic and commercial properties nationwide with very successful reduction rates. We also manufacture and/or assemble our  Glencoe-Radvac®  Stainless Steel Fan Enclosure (Series 3), Radvac Vacuum Pump Fan Series 2, Radvac Radon Mini Sump and the In-Line Plastic Radon Fan Enclosure Complete. We also deploy thousands of radon detectors each year for our clients, either supplied via post or placed and retrieved by our trained engineers.

We hold current SAFEcontractor, CHAS, SMAS and Constructionline Gold accreditation certificates which are renewed annually.

In 2009, Director Michael Hancock invented the  Glencoe-Radvac®  Mini Sump and GRGC obtained a patent (GB2465751).

We are celebrating our 30th year in business this year! (2022)

Area of operation: Nationwide