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Juta UK Limited

We manufacture and supply sustainable geosynthetic materials for Gas Protection, Waterproofing & Containment Engineering.

Our innovative, time-saving and cost-effective solutions are matched by our outstanding customer service and industry knowledge. JUTA UK is one of the world’s most respected and leading manufacturers of geosynthetic materials from state of the art production facilities across Europe and beyond and has a proven track record of providing innovative solutions with a dynamic and ethical approach to our customers. We as a company stand for innovation, quality and service, a philosophy that is mirrored in all areas of our business, and more importantly our employees.

As manufacturers of multiple geosynthetic components our product range is extensive, which helps to provide our customers with a wide range of solution based systems. The best solution is always the most practical and cost-effective option, ensuring the most suitable and application specific products are used. With this ethos our approach is always to listen to the customer(s) and offer the correct approach.

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