The independent self-regulatory body for the radon protection industry

Radon Scotland Limited

Based in Orkney Scotland and in the Scottish Boarders

Radon Scotland offer radon consultancy, radon testing and radon mitigation services across Scotland and the rest of the UK.  We work with the NHS, County Councils, Housing Associations, Facility Management Companies, Universities, many large companies and private individuals. We understand the health implications created by radon and the legislation surrounding it. We work closely with Government bodies to ensure we mirror current guidelines.

We have over 30 years of experience working with radon and in the building industry, making us experts in our field. We offer bespoke testing programmes and design radon mitigation systems to suit our customers exact requirements, regardless of the project size. We have a huge catalogue of success and can confidently advise on every aspect of radon.

If you need advice, would like to radon include radon in your risk assessment or require current concentrations to be reduced, we would be delighted to help.

Area of operation: Across Scotland and the rest of the UK