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RPW Radon Wales Limited

As Members of The Radon Council (Registration # 05174) we provide radon detection and reduction services across the UK to customers including Schools & Universities through to the general public.

We specialise in radon gas measurements and offer high quality radon gas testing kits for the home and the workplace. More and more research links adverse health effects with exposure to radon gas. With a simple 10-day screening test you can find out if you live in a high radon area.

Radon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, produced when uranium decays. Trace quantities of uranium are widely present in rocks and soils from which radon is continually produced. In the ground, radon diffuses to the surface. Outdoors it readily disperses, so very low quantities of radon are found in outdoor air. In houses radon can enter from under the floor where it can accumulate.

The normal concentration of radon in UK houses is lower than in most other European countries. Some houses, however, can harbour appreciable levels which may be a health concern, especially increasing risk of lung cancer.

Radon levels not only differ from place to place but more importantly from house to house, making a radon gas measurement relevant for any home, workplace or school. Take a look at our hot spot map for an idea of how Radon Gas may affect your area.

We offer radon gas testing at competitive prices, both for short-term screening tests and long-term radon gas measurements, resulting in a precise value for the radon level in your home.

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