European Radon Association events coming soon

20-21 SeptemberSpanish online conference: II CONGRESO NACIONAL DE RADÓN (online event) 27-29 SeptemberROOMS 2022 and ERA Workshop and General Assembly (Bergen, Norway)Programme: 27 SeptemberSpanish symposium: I SIMPOSIO NACIONAL DE RADÓN LABORAL For more information about these events, see the ERA website.

Building regulations

Current building regulations provide guidance in conjunction with BR 211 and other documents/organisations to give all stakeholders up-to-date information with regard to protecting new and existing structures from the risk of radon ingress. With the threat that radon has to human health, it is important that all stakeholders, or any given project design team, use […]

Best practice guidance

The Radon Council has produced a ‘plain language’ document detailing its recommendations for how radon should be managed in both new and existing buildings. The Council advises that all those involved in protecting buildings from radon entry follow this guidance.

Radon: tackling the risks

The radon issue remains low in terms of public awareness or political focus. EIC has produced this position paper on radon to raise awareness of the risks and the actions that can be taken among government, regulators, developers, building owners and occupiers and related professional advisers.